Fiesta Futon Mattress
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Fiesta Futon Mattress Details

The Fiesta is a futon mattress of medium firmness that offers you a great combination of quality, comfort, and price. The Fiesta futon mattress is our base model, appoximately 6 inches thick and is great for any bifold and lounger futon frames.

This futon mattress is composed of four layers of cotton / polyester batting and one layer of foam. This blend provides a level of comfort that is consistent with the Fiesta futon mattress's entry level in price. A 2" thick layer of high-density foam is sandwiched between four layers of double core cotton/polyester batting making a futon mattress that is moderately responsive for its thickness.  The Fiesta is a great pick for additional comfort and is suggested for occasional use.

The Fiesta futon mattress offers a quality machine-rolled construction. It is one of our most popular selections, and a great choice for those that are shopping on a budget, yet are seeking a quality product with a generous warranty. Order your Fiesta futon mattress today and enjoy free shipping!Lunar Futon Mattress Features:

  • 5 Needle Surged Safety Stitch
  • 3D Box Construction for Tailored Fine Appearance
  • Masterfully Blended & Compressed Cotton for Superior Resiliency and Quality
  • Child Safe, Sewn Shut Stitching (No Zipper)
  • Even, Machine-Filled Futon Interior
  • High Compression Roll-Through Impression
  • Even Length, Heavy Strand Lace Tufting
  • Exclusive Cotton Roll Over Edge
  • Heavyweight Casing for Superior Strength
  • Custom Futon Sizes Available!

    Six Year Limited Warranty

    The Fiesta futon mattress includes a 6 year limited warranty covering manufacturer's defects.

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Fiesta Futon Mattress

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